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⁋1 – Community Rules

⁋1.1 – Official TruckersMP Rules

As a ConvoyHub Express member, you must comply with all official TruckersMP rules. All TruckersMP rules are available here.

⁋1.2 – Member Respect

You must respect everyone in ConvoyHub Express. If someone disrespects you, don't avenge and insult back. You should report the user by using creating a ticket on our discord.

⁋1.3 – Staff Disrespect

You should be respectful of all staff and accept their decisions for the VTC. If an employee insults you, you can report it to us at [email protected].

⁋1.4 – Confidential News

The sharing of confidential news or messages with other members of any other Virtual Trucking Company (VTC) or any other person is strictly forbidden. This will lead to a permanent ban from the VTC.

⁋2 – VTC Rules

⁋2.1 – Dual VTC’ing

Express Drivers are not allowed to be in any other Virtual Trucking Company (VTC). If someone is found participating / driving as another VTC’s driver, they can be kicked from ConvoyHub Express.

⁋2.2 – Re-joining VTC

If an Express Member leaves ConvoyHub Express and then chooses to apply again, the member will be treated the same way, but this is only applicable till the third time. If an Express Trucker leaves or is removed from ConvoyHub Express for the third time and applies again for the fourth time, the application will be cancelled automatically.

⁋2.3 – In-Game Tag

Your in-game tag should be ConvoyHub at all times. If we find you with a changed tag, you will be warned and then kicked out of ConvoyHub Express.

⁋2.4 – Reporting a Player

If you see an Express Trucker is creating a problem in-game, it is always preferable to report that member through the VTC reporting system; this will lead us to handle ConvoyHub Express properly, and the erroneous members will be warned.

⁋2.5 – Staff for Other Community

If you are interested in working for any other Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator community, you must inform any upper staff in ConvoyHub Express. Failing to do that will lead to a kick from ConvoyHub Express.

⁋2.6 – Ban Information

If you are banned from TruckersMP while your application is in progress or while you are a member of ConvoyHub Express, you must inform the upper staff about your ban.

⁋2.7 – Leaving ConvoyHub Express

If you are willing to Leave ConvoyHub Express VTC, you should inform any Staff member for the Same by creating a support ticket through the discord server.

⁋3 – Express DriversHub Rules

⁋3.1 – Bugs & Glitches

Our developers have worked hard to make our Express DriversHub work as faultlessly as possible, but exceptions are always there. Our DriversHub still may contain some bugs. If we find someone exploiting any bugs, we will not tolerate it; hence it will result in a kick from ConvoyHub Express. You Should rather report it to the Developers via Bug & Glitches Channel.

⁋3.2 – Job Tempering

We will take strict actions against the user we found using some mod/glitch that may affect your express statistics.

⁋3.3 – Registration

You should be registered on Express DriversHub within two weeks after getting accepted into ConvoyHub Express. Otherwise, this may lead to a kick from ConvoyHub Express.

⁋4 – Event Rules

⁋4.1 – Doing Jobs

You can pick a job during a convoy, but there are some limitations to that the job you pick must weigh under 5 Tons. If we found some user doing even 5.1 ton job. An action will be taken against the user which will primarily lead to the job deletion as well as deduction in the total tokens the user has.

⁋4.2 – Representing ConvoyHub Express

As a member of ConvoyHub Express, you should always keep in mind that while in any event in game where you are representing ConvoyHub Express, you should behave like good player only to improve and maintain the Goodwill of ConvoyHub.

⁋4.3 – Vehicles Allowed

Only Trucks Provided by us in our Convoy Account are allowed in the Convoys / events. Bringing any other different truck or a car will lead to, but not limited to, be FIRED from the VTC.

⁋4.4 – Details Information

⁋4.4.1 - You should read #convoy-details channel in our discord where you can find all the details related to the convoy. ⁋4.4.2 - You will be notified on the day of every convoy. Keep a check at #announcement. You can also follow the channel on your own discord server.

⁋4.5 – Instructions

⁋4.5.1 – Always Carefully Listen and obey the Instructions Given by Event Staff. ⁋4.5.2 – Always Keep a safe distance between 50-100 meters from the truck in front of you. ⁋4.5.3 – Do not misbehave or abuse in any circumstances in the convoy. ⁋4.5.4 – Always Drive Safe and speed according to the convoy.

⁋5 – Convoy Account Rules

⁋5.1 – Modification

Modifying any of the trucks / trailers provided by us in the convoy account is strictly prohibited. Doing so may cause a kick from the VTC.

⁋5.2 – Livery Use

It is highly recommended that you use the ConvoyHub Express Livery during free roam / while doing jobs. You can purchase a new truck and modify it your way if you wish to have a modified truck with our livery.